About us

The team members behind this blog all come from eclectic backgrounds, including teaching, the non-profit and corporate sectors. We came together to share ideas in our search for new careers. We all live in Toronto, Canada.

Ainsley Prince is a Casa Montessori teacher who has had more than 14 years experience working with children. She began her passion to teach in the outback of Australia and has worked in Mexico and the Dominican Republic as a child coordinator. She has incorporated yoga, music and movement, and baking into her curriculum and continues to attend workshops and classes to keep her knowledge of education updated. She is currently looking for a teaching position in Toronto.

Her linkedin profile is : ca.linkedin.com/in/ca.linkedin.com/pub/ainsley-prince/62/953/7b4/

Sandra Riano is a brand / marketing strategist with expertise across small, medium, and enterprise-level business sectors with proven track record of brand development and strategic marketing. She has a deep understanding of market intelligence, competitive and industry trends that impact business from a fundamental and meaningful level, and the leadership to guide organizations to sustainable success in an evolving landscape. She is pursuing a new Marketing /Branding opportunity with a progressive organization.

Her LinkedIn profile is: ca.linkedin.com/in/sandrariano

Peter van Dam is a project manager who driven by results, and motivated by accomplishing set goals and achievements. He is a highly energetic, self motivated individual, who can work well in a group atmosphere, as well as independently without supervision. He has planned, directed, and managed designated projects, ensured that objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities and has analyzed results of operations to discover more efficient ways to utilize resources.

Isabelle Jeanson is a communications and project management specialist who has worked internationally in over 10 countries in development and humanitarian emergencies for the last 12 years. She is passionate about finding solutions that will assist others in the most effective way. She is currently looking for a position in communications management in the non-profit sector.

Her LinkedIn profile is : ca.linkedin.com/in/ijeanson.



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